Use it for questions about using Drupal for implementing a booking (or reservations) system, for example for an hotel, or restaurant reservations.

Bookings, sometimes called Reservations, are typically related to any of the following:

  • A room reservation
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Registering timeslots in a calendar to use some meeting room, or any other type of resource that requires reservations
  • Boot trips

Typical modules used for bookings

These modules all have a stable release, and are often used for building Drupal sites to make booking/reservations:

  1. Availability Calendars (installed on 2.061 sites).
  2. Rooms (installed on 1.459 sites).
  3. MERCI (installed on 441 sites).
  4. Resource Conflict (installed on 329 sites).
  5. Simple Reservation (installed on 202 sites).
  6. Room Reservations (installed on 156 sites).

The list above is order by number of reported installs. Though that is often a good first indicator, it should not be used as the only criterium to pick a module.

Available distributions

There are a few Drupal Distributions about bookings / reservations available also (though they all only have a beta version for D7):