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where is the drush cim command specific documentation? Does cim command remove the files after they are imported No. where are the setting files imported from, can you provide me with a path relative to the root (I mean, relative to where the main index.php file of drupal is)? The path to ...


Search for all the configurations listed using drush config-list Then identify the configuration that you would like to delete. Use the below command to delete the configuration drush config-delete


I had the same issue: In the save method of your form, edit your entity as follow before save it : $this->entity->set('choices', array_values( array_filter( $form_state->getValue('choices') ) ) ); array_filter will filter uncheck options, array_values will extract the values.


It's a little bit up to you how you manage your config. In my multisites I have a ../config directory outside the web root. Each site instance then has it's own folder in there. And inside each one I split the config per environment. shared/ holds the config that is similar on all environments. local/ holds all the extra config for local development. And ...


if you are okay with the configs for the subsites mixing with the default site then you can set the config directory to be the same as is in default/settings.php by adding to the sites/subsite1/settings.php and sites/subsite2/settings.php $config_directories['sync'] = '../config/sync'; (relative to the site root, not subsite root) if you want to manage ...


so for what it's worth using the default/settings.php as the master and then having each of the sites do a PHP include (as @Alan mentions) does work well! (I know this is an old question but I am working through multisite issues with Drupal 8 (8.6.13) and have come across this very thing...) a couple of caveats: 1) I am managing the multisite installation ...

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