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Drush can't write to /tmp

Reason Probably the /tmp/temp_fontawesome directory has already been created by the web server user www-data. The permissions for /tmp/temp_fontawesome are probably: ls -lash /tmp/temp_fontawesome 4,...
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Local drush stops working after changing files and folder permissions

Sometimes help just this: rm -rf vendor composer install
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Overriding core Drush command classes

Your commandfile should implement the Drush replace hook
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How I can use Drush for portal deployment and redeployment?

Drush changed the install method somewhen after Drush 9: - it will no longer accept a global drush, but you need to add ./vendor/bin to your path: Execution. ...
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How can I fix the "The specified database connection is not defined: default" error?

I had a same issue while executing a drush command. The reason behind my error was a missing directory alias in sites.php file. For ex: I had a site with "" and I had ...
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Is there a "registry rebuild" command?

That command (drush rr) is currently only for Drupal 7. It does not matter what version of Drush you use since it is enabled for Drush via a module. The module that enables that command does not work ...
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