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Update database issue

As @4uk4 points out, this issue happened to me because of an old composer. Updating composer to its latest version and dumping autoload worked for me: composer.phar self-update composer.phar dump-...
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Drush command to check if Drupal is installed?

For anyone looking for a like for like replacement for drush status bootstrap in Drush 12: drush status --field=bootstrap
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Drupal root not found on multisite setup after upgrading Drush 10 to 11/12

I ran into this but in my case the issue was I was using Docker, where I encountered this error: "Composer plugins have been disabled for safety in this non-interactive session. Set ...
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How To Show Version Of Migrate Tool Installed

The Drush pm:list command shows the versions of all modules on a site. The Composer show command shows the versions of all code on a site.
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Drush Launcher does not work

drush-launcher does not work because it is unmaintained. See its archived project page for alternatives.
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Drupal\Component\Plugin\Exception\PluginNotFoundException: The "The filter image lazy load" plugin does not exist

I had the same issue rolling back from Drupal 10.1.4 to 9.5.11. You can get the conflicting config with this cmd drush cget filter.format.basic_html filters.filter_image_lazy_load then you will be ...
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