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Where is archive-dump for Drush 9?

FWIW for others who find this comment in search, archive dump was restored in Drush 11.1.1. OP was likely on Drupal 8.4+. Drush 11, which only supported Drupal 9 and 10, would not have been ...
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Config split is imported only every second time of jenkins job run

Since we are talking about a multisite environment, a predictable solution is to place a file in the web/sites directory, include it as the last file in the settings.php, and ...
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Updating my site led to a broken drush, cannot fix

So, all in ll, what worked in the end was: Update the full project using composer update Enter $SITE/update.php As I was not logged in (I usually log in using drush uli), editted each site's ...
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Installing Drush 12 globally

Yes the only supported way is to have it as a composer requirement on each drupal install. It's all there in the docs: Drush only supports one install method. It ...
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