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You can use these to get file name and file url respectively (Drupal 7.67 Entity API 1.9): [node:field-document:0:file] [node:field-document:0:file:url]


Filezilla allowed me to change the permissions from the the Filezilla console when cpanel could not Drupal Docs


*User "anoopjohn" in his comments was right. I was altering the wrong PHP.INI file! Thanks anoopjohn. Then following the instruction on "". I used the "devel" module's PHPinfo() button to find out where the correct php.ini file lived.


You can use entityQuery: $fid = 13141; $usedIn = \Drupal::entityQuery('media') ->condition('field_media_image.target_id', $fid) ->execute(); Example response: Array ( [15105] => 13109 )

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