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you need to activate the configuration translation module. To activate it, log on to your site with an administrator account and go to: Extend: / admin / modules, and look for configuration translation. Select it and press the install button to activate, and then the translation tab for your site configuration will appear.


The form labels are part of the webform's configuration, and their translation is therefore handled by the Configuration Translation (machine name: config_translation) module. When that module is enabled, it will add the Translate tab.


I had a similar problem and I solved it by making the paragraph field on the node translatable. This can be done by going to manage fields of the content type and editing the paragraph field and then tick the checkbox "Users may translate this field" More information on this particular point can be found on the Paragraphs Asymmetric Translation ...


What is the problem you're seeing with the moderation state table? What I think I'm seeing is: Revision 15 is the initial save of the node. Revision 16 is the second save, where fr has changes and en does not. I can't see anything too unusual here, but if you are running into errors later in the lifecycle of the node, that would be helpful information. One ...

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