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I would suggest here checking NodeTranslationHandler class, in entityFormAlter you could find a way how to restrict a user from creating a new translation.


In a Twig template, you can use the format_date() filter. For example, in the node template, the following code could be used to show (using a custom format) when a node has been created. (The following code is a simplified version of the code used from the Unami theme used with the Unami Demo installation profile, in node.html.twig.) {% set created_date = ...


I could solve the problem, but an issue still remains. I have disabled Token and Entity Tokens Modules (and requested associated Modules) ... then reactivated : The probem comes from the Advanced User Management Module : when it is enabled, most of the tokens cannot be browsed (among which the default proposed ones in the mail content). ... So, I cannot use ...


You need to use configuration for your language. Example

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