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drupal_build_css_cache() is a Drupal 7 function that was removed very early in the Drupal 8 development cycle. The change notices back then weren't very good, so simply searching for that function name won't find anything. (Change notices may be found at The relevant change notice is Pluggable CSS & JS preprocessing (...

-1 Try the above. it will clear all caches of JS and CSS. It will clear all caches and rebuild.


This is because test() is wrapped in an anonymous function, making it not available outside of that function. I would add it to the Drupal object: File 1: (function($, Drupal) { Drupal.myFunction = function() { // Do something. } }(jQuery, Drupal)); File 2: (function($, Drupal) { Drupal.myFunction(); }); Also, as a side note, $(document).ready() ...

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