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How upload a file\image via json api?

I am currently having the same issue. The post goes thru perfectly in postman. the code snippet below is used to perform the post action in nextjs //this function is used to convert the file const ...
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How to refresh and reload (with ajax?) order checkout panes and order calculation independent from commerce cart refresh (e.g. billing address change)

So you want to refresh some content in the page that's not part of the checkout form? Basically, this can be done using an Ajax callback and one or more Ajax callback commands: https://www.drupal.org/...
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Overriding Drupal.ajax.prototype is not working

There are two javascript objects: Drupal.ajax Drupal.Ajax You have to override the prototypes in Drupal.Ajax. For each Ajax object declared in Drupal settings an instance of it will then be stored ...
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