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An image is being loaded slowly, what to do?

You could enable "Embed media" in the text format and use the "Drupal Media" button to add images in CKeditor. Configure the media type Image
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image field - how to overwrite existing image?

Why can't you delete or download and archive the image/doc before uploading the newer version with the same name?
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How can I reference previously imported media entities?

What I did that work: field_hero_image/target_id: - plugin: migration_lookup migration: previous_migrate_media_image source: node_uid - plugin: skip_on_empty method: row message: 'nid is ...
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Why isn't an image from the local domain shown with the explanation that, for security reasons, only images from the local domain are allowed?

I solved this by re-ordering the filters, so tracking is done before the Restriction check. Track images uploaded via a Text Editor Restrict images to this site* Image Resize Filter: Resize images ...
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Regenerate image styles

Sometimes - images are not showing, when seeing files in contents. This mostly caused by server permissions. For CentOS/Redhat/Fedora/Rocky Linux systems : chown -R apache:apache /var/www/html/...
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