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i have same problem...but the filters have "restrict images to this site" disabled....I have checked every filter I have installed...


429 is the HTTP status code for "Too Many Requests". Drupal would not be responsible for serving a 429; something in your server infrastructure would do that, like a load balancer or Apache/nginx. Given that, this might be out of scope for Drupal Answers.


During the form construction process, there are a bunch of times that Drupal allows your own modules to hook in and alter things like this. Here's one, which you would implement in a custom module, that hooks in when the media library widget is being prepared and alters it everywhere it's used: function MYMODULE_field_widget_media_library_widget_form_alter(&...


A Drupal URI starts with a stream wrapper like "public://" that indicates to Drupal how to handle that resource. Typically, the "public" stream wrapper is defined as "treat this resource as a local file within sites/default/files." Your module assets are not located within sites/default/files, so they cannot use the "public&...


Drupal 8 still has drupal_get_path(), which is used from Drupal core modules and third-party modules for the path of files contained in modules directories. (See the code for ckeditor_ckeditor_css_alter() or the example code given in hook_js_alter(). function hook_js_alter(&$javascript, \Drupal\Core\Asset\AttachedAssetsInterface $assets) { $javascript['...


Try letting Drupal generate the module path: $modulePath = \Drupal::service('module_handler')->getModule('MYMODULE')->getPath(); $imagePath = $modulePath . "/images/my-image.jpg";

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