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You could also create a process plugin to create the Paragraph inline with the record you are migrating. I can't do piecemeal migrations in my case. The project has about 100,000 nodes and no data structure to 'create' Paragraphs out of. Even if I could, I don't want to have to run that dozens of times to get a full set of data. Anyway. Here is a real ...


I was able to accomplish this by creating a custom process plugin for the address field. field_address: - plugin: myaddress source: locality: city administrative_area: state postal_code: postalcode <?php namespace Drupal\my_migration\Plugin\migrate\process; use Drupal\migrate\MigrateExecutableInterface; use ...


The following basically means use the default process plugin get to look for a source column or constant named menu_link_content to determine the value for bundle. process: bundle: menu_link_content which most likely returns null. Try setting it with the default_value plugin instead: process: bundle: plugin: default_value default_value: ...


I got the same error when porting Drupal 8 to localhost. In my case I found a solution visiting mysite/core/install.php location. There I saw a detailed error: when backing up from /admin/config/development/backup_migrate some tables were missing. So I backed up full database from phpmyadmin, and problem was solved.

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