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How can I invalidate the entire cache when saving menu item?

The Simplify Menu module has the problem that it doesn't transport cache metadata and a code like \Drupal::cache()->invalidateAll() doesn't exist. You can add the most important cache tag to the ...
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Finding all nodes not referenced by a menu

In Drupal 9 can use this 'menu_link_content_data' table to find whether node has any reference as menu: Snippet code for finding all nodes not referenced by a// Get all nodes. $nids = \Drupal::...
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How can I invalidate the entire cache when saving menu item?

\Drupal::cache()->invalidateAll() does not invalidate the content of all the cache bins; it just invalidates the content of the cache.default bin. The Workspaces module uses ...
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Hook for hiding menu links based on user access

I prefer controlling this behavior via access to the entity rather than at the menu level because it means that anyone with a direct link to the entity won't have access AND if a user does not have ...
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Include html entities in dynamic menu links

I got one way to solve it: return html_entity_decode('© ') . date('Y') . " " . \Drupal::config('')->get('name'); see:!...
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How to show menu tab only for certain node type?

The code below work for me. in the routing.yml mymodule.cache_clear: path: '/node/{node}/cache' defaults: _form: '\Drupal\mymodule\Form\APICacheClearForm' _title: 'Cache Clear' ...
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How to display more than 10 items in link widget autocomplete?

There is an issue on to extend link widget to have limit and operator settings the same way as for entity reference autocomplete widget
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Accordion is not working in field group module

Please make sure you have installed and enabled
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