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drush cc router when using drush 9 do the trick now :-)


You missing \ in 'Drupal\tagnbag\Controller\TagBagController::welcome' change tagnbag.routing.yml by: tagnbag.tagnbag: path: '/tag' defaults: _controller: '\Drupal\tagnbag\Controller\TagBagController::welcome' _title: 'Hello Tag N Bag!' requirements: _access: 'TRUE'


_permission: 'TRUE' is not a thing unless you've defined a custom permission TRUE (and if you did, I'd advise you to change that). What you have is looking to see if a user has the permission TRUE - which I doubt any user has, and correctly denying access. If you want to grant access to the route for everyone, in all contexts, use _access: 'TRUE'. See ...


My solution was to modify the javascript directing traffic to the mobile video page so that it replaced the slashes with triple underscores. urlNoProtocol = src.replace(/\//i, "___"); The validation in mobilevideo.routing.yml was updated to vguid: '^[-a-zA-Z0-9._?=]+' Then in MobileVideoController.php the content() function was updated to reverse the ...

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