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The only way this can work by default is when you create an order for an existing user and ensure they login prior to attempting to access the form. However, I doubt you should be directing them to the payment page - that page has special logic attached to it that may not make it the ideal point of direction. Much better to send people to the checkout page ...


Could you create a new "shopper" user for this customer, then assign the order to them? Make sure the role has proper permissions, workflow, etc. But then they will be the owner of the order and should be able to complete payment (and all the other checkout features like confirmation email).


As @anonymous pointed out, it is answered in Access user profile data. Since that post is not well labeled in connection with rules, I will also post the answer here. In short, instead of verifying Entity is of Type, verify that entity is of bundle. Entity of Type should work, but that it does not is (apparently) a known bug with Rules 8.x-3.x as of this ...

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