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Is there a way to default sort by date when no search keywords have been used, but default sort by relevance for all searches?

I have almost the same use case. I tried your approach but unfortunately it didn't work for me. After two days of research, I got a working version. The key is SearchApiQuery::getSort() where you can ...
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How to re-index all content for the core search engine?

If for some reason running cron is not actually re-indexing it can be called directly: drush ev "search_cron();" Or maybe just run: for (( c=1; c<=10; c++ )); do drush ev "...
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Admin Search Report Data

A quick look at the codebase shows that this route is provided in core/modules/dblog/dblog.routing.yml. The route is controlled by \Drupal\dblog\Controller\DbLogController::topLogMessages with type ...
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