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Indeed, calling {{ webform }} inside webform-submission-information.html.twig only contains a link. But since you have the webform_submission you can get the webform and from there can call isOpen and isClosed. <div class="current-webform-status"> <b>{{ 'Current Webform status'|t }}:</b> {{ (webform_submission.getWebform.isOpen) ...


Your appraoch is wrong as you never should render anything with Twig Tweak when you can do it also with {{ content }}. If you render more complex things than a simple scalar value with something {{ node.field_something.value }} or any of Twig Tweak's functions like {{ drupal_something() }} you always have drawbacks like block not rendering with correct ...


Figured out what was the problem. I had to select my theme for sending emails on Configure the Mail System admin page. /admin/config/system/mailsystem Other way some other theme is used.

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