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How do I add HTML markup to the title?

Here is our solution to add markup to the view title: function my_module_views_post_render(ViewExecutable $view, array &$output, CachePluginBase $cache) { $output['#post_render'][] = function ($...
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How do you theme the book module?

The fields are missing from "Manage display" because their visibility is controlled elsewhere, specifically in the settings for each content type. If you edit a content type, under "...
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How can I add inline markup to submit buttons?

I recently encountered a similar challenge while developing a custom module featuring a multi-stage form. I needed icons with arrows pointing right and left for the 'next' and 'previous' form stages. ...
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contextual menu module - error 400 on URL /contextual/render break contextual links on a limited number of pages

as pointed out by @4uk4 the problem was a static data-contextual-id in the page that was causing the error 400 on the URL https://mywebsite.local/contextual/render
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How to make a theme hook suggestion for blocks according to region?

This answer was useful. I ended up with something similar. This snippet appends the region to the existing suggestions. if (!empty($variables['elements']['#id'])) { $block = Block::load($variables['...
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