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Use the internal path of the term: /taxonomy/term/123 Route matching operates only on internal (unaliased) paths and route #2 having more fixed parts wins. See


The easiest way to set this up is through the Content: Has taxonomy term ID Contextual filter. In Content Views listing your nodes add that Contextual filter and set it up: When the filter value is NOT available Provide default value Taxonomy term ID from URL Load default filter from node page, that's good for related taxonomy blocks Filter to items that ...


This is intentional functionality for some workflows (for long lists of results). If you wanted to get rid of the button, you could hook_form_alter it away. Form IDs and array structure are dynamic based on your view so you'll have to adjust accordingly based on the view & action button to remove (this can be found in the Views UI, if not known). ** * ...


If you order your view by relevance first, then date, when there is no text entered all articles will be given the same relevance score, so this will achieve what you are after.


No need for any hook. Adding {{ view.total_rows }} in any views template, eg views-view.html.twig is enough


Views fields have an option to overwrite the output of the field. You can use this to add any html you want, using twig. You'll have all fields rendered before your field available as twig variables. In your case, since you know that you're getting an image url from your external database, you can rewrite the output of your field using twig. For example: <...

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