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Views Default Contextual Filter

In the views advanced Provide default value.
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Is there a way to default sort by date when no search keywords have been used, but default sort by relevance for all searches?

I have almost the same use case. I tried your approach but unfortunately it didn't work for me. After two days of research, I got a working version. The key is SearchApiQuery::getSort() where you can ...
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How to render formatted text field from paragraphs as is in twig?

Never use raw, it will hurt you, use this instead {{ { '#type': 'processed_text', '#text': item.content['#context'].value, '#format': 'rich_text', } }}
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How can I return a different number of results per page for a view if a user is accessing the site with a mobile device?

For those that find this like i did, I am running drupal 10, look into Responsive Views Pager It is simple with all the settings in the pager part of the view.
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Custom Flag not appearing in "Configure Relationship: Flags"

I was adding bookmarks for commerce products and saw this issue. How I solved this was I created a new view and selected my custom flag: I then went ahead to configure the view. Using Drupal 10.2.3.
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How to produce GeoJSON from a set of Geofields without a single point error?

The problem was caused by this bug and solved by patching the module.
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