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How can I export all webform structures?

node export is a first option it gives array( (object) array( 'vid' => '3593', 'uid' => '1', 'title' => 'test', 'log' => '', 'status' => '1', '...
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How to configure a multistep webform with custom alias to use GET instead of POST

Alright, so the maintainer was very clear, that he will not support GET in a multistep webform. In order to still realise our requirements I had to become creative: multistep webform for the ...
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What permission controls access to "webform_html_editor" input type?

I found the answer: Webform wysiwyg uses the "Webform (Default)" input type, which doesn't show up on the "input filter" admin listing, but does show up in the permissions table. ...
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How can I programmatically stop webform from sending an email?

You can use hook_webform_handler_invoke_alter() to Conditionally enable or disable a handler: function Mymodulename_webform_handler_invoke_alter(\Drupal\webform\Plugin\WebformHandlerInterface $handler,...
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