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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 97
Use it for questions about the queue of messages displayed to the client.
× 94
A challenge-response test used for determining human users is called CAPTCHA.
× 92
Use it for questions about theset of Drupal modules that helps you maintain your Drupal sites: Aegir.
× 89
Use it for questions about the open standard for authorization called OAUTH.
× 89
Use it for questions about the free Mac or Windows based AMP made available from Acquia.
× 87
The Hierarchical Select module provides a selection widget for used in forms to select items in a hierarchy.
× 86
The Quiz module provides tools for authoring and administering quizzes through Drupal.
× 83
CiviCRM helps organizations grow and sustain strong relationships over time.
× 83
The completely blank page resulting from an internal server error is called "White Screen of Death."
× 82
Use it for questions on the module that enables site database and file backups for migration to other installations.
× 82
Use it for questions on the simple, unobtrusive script used to overlay images on top of the current page: Lightbox.
× 81
Use it for questions related to the Group module, not the Organic Groups module.
× 78
Use it for questions on the intranet and team portal package based on Drupal: Open Atrium.
× 76
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol provides integration for authentication, user provisioning, and authorization.
× 74
Use it for questions about the Twitter Bootstrap base theme.
× 71
Use it for questions on the collection of Amazon's cloud computing services, generally called AWS.
× 71
The Taxonomy Access Control module controls which roles have access to taxonomy term pages.
× 69
Use it for questions about uninstalling modules.
× 69
Use it for questions about the open source application development kit for Javascript: DrupalGap.
× 68
Use it for questions about one of the modules used to create simple polls.
× 67
Use it for questions about integrating Drupal with the services provided by Twitter.
× 67
Use it for question on structured files that consist of a list of differences between one set of files and another.
× 67
The Scheduler module allows nodes to be published and unpublished on specified dates.
× 65
Use it for questions about the file containing information about modules and themes.
× 65
Use it for the sitemap conforming to the specification.
× 64
It stands for content delivery network or content distribution network and is a system of computers containing copies of data.
× 61
Use it for the Drupal API that provides a means for storing items into a processing queue.
× 60
Use it for questions about facilities for users to notify them of changes on a site.
× 57
Use it for the suite of tools run from a command line interface to generate boilerplate code: the Drupal Console.
× 54
Use it for questions about implementing the software design pattern that implements inversion of control.
× 51
perform a HTTP request.
× 49
a service for sending out mails to a list, there exist a module for doing the integration with Drupal.
× 47
Use it for the macOS/Apache/MySQL/PHP technology stack.