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Raman (LinkedIn) has over 20 years of business and technology experience including business and functional analysis, systems design, development and implementation, and team leadership. Raman has worked as a Senior Consultant for Deloitte Consulting, application architect and development lead for a Fortune 100 financial institution, and as a technologist for various startups.

He has extensive knowledge and experience with best practices in software design and development is an Apache committer, and has contributed patches to Git, Akka, Spring, and other open source projects. His technical expertise includes system architecture, Java, Kotlin, and Scala development, database design and administration, UNIX system administration, devops (cloud and Docker), and security. In addition, Raman leverages Machine Learning techniques to deliver additional value beyond what can be achieved with traditional development. Raman has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Systems Design Engineering with an Option in Management Sciences from the University of Waterloo..

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