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Using Feeds to import multiple languages
7 votes

Import from two xml files (on for each language), my empiric solution : I created two feed imports. I forced the language field for each one. Two separated nodes were created for each content (one ...

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Create a menu programmatically in Drupal 7
4 votes

Here's a way to easily populate a menu from an array : <?php function populate_menu($links, $menu_name, $plid = 0) { foreach ($links as $link) { $ls = array( 'menu_name' => $...

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Expose a computed field (or external data) to Views
2 votes

I found answser on this site: http://barcelona2012.drupaldays.org/sessions/displaying-external-data-fly-views-and-ctools This simple module give a clear example on how to expose external data (...

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How to set cache meta data on drupalSettings?
0 votes

OK, the cache tags used for these settings was the wrong one so nothing was invalidate... My understanding is you have to add cache metadata to on the "region" that is responsible for the ...

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Redis and Internal Page Cache?
0 votes

As said before Redis is just a "bin" where to store cache, it should be faster than the database bin (default Drupal cache bin). Dynamic Page Cache module should always be enable or you get crappy ...

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