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👀 I’m interested in Data Strategy, Data Governance, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Business Intelligence, Data Management, Data Architect, Google Cloud Data Engineer, Big Data Projects, Economic Insights and Data-Driven Life ⚜️ 🤖 I’m currently developing projects in Data/AI/ML, Metaverse, Blockchain, Gaming & Cloud. 💻 I have experience in designing & modelling software applications to create new solutions. 💡 I'm passionate about using technology to solve real-world problems & making a positive impact. :octocat: Check out my GitHub repositories to see my projects & contributions in the field of Software Design. 🎯 My first project was a Geographic Information System for 3-Dimensional & Geospatial Visualization with Interactive Web Maps. :electron: I am an Ex-Web-Developer of Ancient Alien Technology (apache/php/css/html). ⚡ Fun Fact: I created & hosted my first html website when I was 13. 👾 Visit my linkedin profile ==>

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