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I have been in love with programming since the first moment I saw my software working. Sometimes I get so involved in a project that I forget that it's actually work, giving me the impression that the time goes by too fast. So, I have my job as a hobby, not a obligation.

Fascinated by challenges

There's nothing more nicer than conquering or finishing something that a bit earlier were too harder. I can mention as example my participation on the contest Master the Mainframe 2015 (details and scoreboard available here), where I was exposed to several tools and languages that I never heard about. With God's help I came through and completed the entire challenge. Now my name is displayed on wall of fame among the 17 finalists on Brazil's last phase. Another challenge that I can cite is Code Your Way from EBANX where I had 1 hour to accomplish several tasks. I scored 271.67 out of 280 and achieved top 50.


I always attempt to complete what was requested of me and I don't quit until I get it done, simply because the result makes me happy and the only thing that I hate most than failing is giving up. Who doesn't feel proud of a job well done?

Always learning

I don't like to limit myself for lack of knowledge, so I always seek to be learning. When I suggested my final course assignment theme, the fact that I never created any android app didn't become a reason for theme's changing, not even to let it go away, but it became an opportunity to learn android which and to build something useful, not one more app that is forgotten after sometime. Today my app was downloaded by over 1000 people and has a score of 4.6/5.

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