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A very excited person about controlling a machine that can do everything. So, chose to be a programmer! I'm open-minded about the languages and technologies adopted, but trying to keep a technical and dispassionated vision between the diferences of then to keep in mind the right criteria to chose one. I deal mainly with backend technologies to deliver, proccess and manipulate user's content, and their presentation with frontend frameworks. I also have a secondary knowledge to manipulate others backend technologies that orbits this task, encompassing administration of databases, operational systems, webservers and networks. I would like to tell that I already have lived in both sides of software's technology: the free software world and the proprietary software world - living the each one's pros and cons. Worked with CMSs mainly with Drupal and WordPress, improving and administrating then both with the tools already provided by the community or creating tools for then, capable of developing plugins/modules and themes for both - what means a serious work with PHP and MySQL. Currently, I'm working with proprietary technologies environment carrying out similar tasks, but with their equivalents backends technologies, like C#, .NET, SQL Server and Windows Server administration. To close, I also keep a study in Java programing language to perform some general tasks and not be limited to a single operational system and also keep a study in mobile applications development with Cordova, what means develop a single application that can run seamlessly with any mobile operational systems.

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