Full stack developer Skills: Programming Languages: Python, PHP, C++

Scripting Langauages: React.js, Node, Javascript

Databases: MySQL, Postgresql, MariabDB

Machine Learning Python tools: Numpy, Pandas, Spacy

Automation: RPA, TagUI

Frameworks: Drupal, React Native, Codeigniter

• Work on the various automation platform like RPA, python-based automation and also Whatsapp bot

• Work on Whatsapp bot with dynamic communication building node for AI for decision making & optimization.

• Involved in various client interaction & have good understanding of client requirement analysis.

• Work on the latest React Native platform for Hybrid Mobile Application development.

• Work expertise in various payment gateway integration like Stripe for card , ACH and invoice payment

• Implemented different type of API Integration like Facebook, Twitter, Stripe, Google Docs API, Dropbox API, Goto Meet, USPS API, Docusign API.

Work on Digital Signature application including the REST API handling / Token generation / Webhooks Handling