I want to expose a vocabulary to an external server using services module. I have followed this question How to create test_endpoint, and checked every checkbox, and enabled the `REST Server Module.

The only endpoint that I interest is getTree. But I don't know how to compose the URL. I can't find any document describing the detail (please tell me if you know).

  1. Which HTTP method should I use? GET or POST? I think it should be a GET, but I got nothing
  2. how to specify the vid? /taxonomy_vocabulary/[vid]/getTree ? /taxonomy_vocabulary/getTree/[vid] ? or /taxonomy_vocabulary/getTree?vid=[vid]? any other params?

I have try some URL,

GET [endpoint]/taxonomy_vocabulary/getTree will response [false] (what is this mean?)

POST [endpoint]/taxonomy_vocabulary/getTree will response 401 Unauthorized, but whatever I disable or enable the Session Authorization, I got the same response.


you must add {"vid":"1234"} in the body of HTTP POST request and add Content-Type in the header request with "application/json"

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