I am using Drupal 7.25 (I need to update to 7.26) and organic groups 7.x-2.4. I currently have public and private groups working. I have two users (admin and a normal user). I have a menu tab that opens the og list (/og-list) view which lists all groups (public and private).

When logged in as a normal user if I click on a public group it shows a subscribe to group link. That's great. However, if I click on a private group it gives me the Access denied page without a subscribe link.

I would like to have any normal user be able to click a private group and have it display a link to subscribe. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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You have a couple of options.

Not sure how you have your group node page setup but what I have done is use a node view panel. In that panel I added the Field: Group (group_group) in a region then set the formatter to "OG subscribe link". That will display the "Subscribe to group" link when a user clicks on the group they are not a member of. Since you are getting access denied I'm guessing your group node page is not setup that way.

Another option is to modify the og-list view and add the field "Content: Group". Then change its Formatter to "OG subscribe link". That will create a new column in the view that will display a link called "Subscribe to group" for groups you are not a member of and "Unsubscribe to group" for groups you are a member of.

  • I have the Field: Group(group_group) in my panel and the "subscribe to group" link shows up when a normal user views a public group. However it is still missing when they click on a private group. I also tried option 2 with the same outcome. The outcome still shows the Access denied page and a Navigation panel
    – mkmitchell
    Jan 28, 2014 at 14:31
  • On a second note. On my show all groups page I have two fields. Content: Title and Field:Group(Subscribe). This shows the group (public and private) as well as the ability to subscribe to it.
    – mkmitchell
    Jan 28, 2014 at 14:34

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