I am using Drupal 7 and I have some shortcut sets (per role using the shortcut per role module) and shortcut links in them and I would like to export them either using the features functionality or with any other exporting mechanism.

But I do not find any relevant exportables in the features exporting options not even in the Strongarm section. Is there a way yo do this or should I manually recreate them in the other site installations?

I have also seen a relevant question but it does not have any answers regarding the shortcuts part.


Finally, managed to programmatically create the shortcut sets and links with the following php script:

echo 'populating shortcuts...';
$shortcut_set = new stdClass();
$shortcut_set->title = 'Default';
$shortcut_set->set_name = 'shortcut-set-1';
$shortcut_set->links = array(
    array('link_path' => 'admin', 'link_title' => 'Admin',),
echo ' shortcuts population finished';

as mentioned in this drupal post.

A also had to apply this patch in shortcut module, which fixes the shortcut_set_save function called by the script.

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