My stylesheet is mentioned in my .info file, but it's not adding it to the page source and using it. The only style I have in Styles.css is body {background:#444}. I've tried clearing the site's cache as well as my browser's. CSS compression is off. Any ideas?

It's a theme I made from scratch.

info file:

name = PBmedia 14
description = The Site Theme
core = 7.x
engine = phptemplate

; Regions
; --------------------------------
regions[header] = Header
regions[content] = Content
regions[footer] = Footer

; Stylesheets
; --------------------------------
stylesheets[all] [] = html5reset-1.6.1.css
stylesheets[all] [] = styles.css


<!DOCTYPE html />

<head profile="<?php print $grddl_profile; ?>">
  <?php print $head; ?>
  <title><?php print $head_title; ?></title>
  <?php print $styles; ?>
  <?php print $scripts; ?>
<body class="<?php print $classes; ?>" <?php print $attributes;?>>
  <div id="skip-link">
    <a href="#main-content" class="element-invisible element-focusable"><?php print t('Skip to main content'); ?></a>
  <?php print $page_top; ?>
  <?php print $page; ?>
  <?php print $page_bottom; ?>


<div id="page-wrapper"><div id="page">

<header id="header">

  <?php if ($main_menu): ?>
  <nav id="navigation">
    <?php print theme('links__system_main_menu', array('links' => $main_menu, 'attributes' => array('id' => 'main-menu', 'class' => array('links', 'inline', 'clearfix')), 'heading' => t(''))); ?>
  </nav><!-- #navigation -->
  <?php endif; ?>

  <?php print render($page['header']); ?>
</header> <!-- #header -->

<?php print $messages; ?>

<div id="main-wrapper"><div id="main" class="clearfix">

  <div id="content">
  <div class="section">

    <?php print render($title_prefix); ?>
    <?php if ($title): ?><h1 class="title" id="page-title"><?php print $title; ?></h1><?php endif; ?>
    <?php print render($title_suffix); ?>
    <?php if ($tabs): ?><div class="tabs"><?php print render($tabs); ?></div><?php endif; ?>
    <?php print render($page['help']); ?>
    <?php if ($action_links): ?><ul class="action-links"><?php print render($action_links); ?></ul><?php endif; ?>
    <?php print render($page['content']); ?>
    <?php print $feed_icons; ?>
  </div><!-- /.section -->
  </div> <!-- /#content -->

</div></div> <!-- /#main, /#main-wrapper -->

<footer id="footer">
  <?php print render($page['footer']); ?>
</footer><!-- #footer -->

</div></div> <!-- /#page, /#page-wrapper -->
  • Can you give more information on your theme's configuration?
    – Tritof
    Feb 4, 2014 at 18:30
  • If you are actually saying stylesheet[all][].... that is probably the problem because it should be stylesheets[all][].... eg plural
    – Jimajamma
    Feb 4, 2014 at 19:02
  • Ah right! I made them plural, cleared the caches and no change...
    – PatBranch
    Feb 4, 2014 at 19:07
  • Is styles.css in the root of the theme, or is it in a CSS folder? Feb 4, 2014 at 19:14
  • 3
    In your code above you have an extra space in between stylesheets[all] and []. Feb 4, 2014 at 19:40

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There should not be a space after "[all]" ...
stylesheets[all] [] = styles.css
stylesheets[all][] = styles.css

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