Following instructions here, I used the command drush dl drush to install the newer version of Drush. Then, when I attempted drush omega-export (the reason I was upgrading was to have access to these newer omega commands) I received a message indicating that drush was still pointing to the older version of drush.

If the server was based in my home computer environment (win7) I would change the PATH variable to point to the newer version. However, since the server I am working on is remote (onyxServers, typical LAMP stack) I am unsure how to make the drush CLI point to the new version.

Can anyone point me to a resource? If it was my own linux machine I would be able to figure it out but being hosted confuses things a bit.

UPDATE: I have examined the output of the 'env' command, and noticed that the location of drush, new or old version, is not listed in the PATH variable:


Is it possible that the path to drush is stored within the drush shell or something?


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Aha! I guess I posted this question a little too quickly! The path to the drush command can be altered through editing the .bash_profile file.

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