I've got a problem with Clean URLs. I had a look around and my problem doesn't look like any thing else on this site or anywhere on the internet.

I have a .htaccess file. It's there and it's working. I know because I've set it to remove www. and it is.

I go to Configuration->Search and Meta->Clean URLs (some people don't pass the clean URLs test but I do, it doesn't even come up) I have the option to turn on Clean URLS:

enable clean URLS

I tick the box and click Save configuration. But this happens:

Bloody doesn't work

NO! I ticked you!

So if I go to a clean URL (/contact) it works. But in the menu it comes up as (/?q=contact).

I thought I'd hack the database and turn it on.

But it was on the whole time... <hold flashlight under chin and look scary>

Does anyone know how to remedy this situation so it stays ticked and comes up clean in the menu?

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Ok, alright. I'm not going to kill anyone.

Turns out there was a line in my settings.php file:

$GLOBALS['conf']['clean_url'] = 0;

Commented it and everything worked just fine.

That was 2 hours of my life wasted...

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