How can I use Drush to pass data into a Drupal Queue?

function hook_cron_queue_info() {
  $queues['my_queue_name'] = array(
    'worker callback' => '_my_queue_callback', // This is the callback function for each queue item.
    'time' => 25, // This is the max run time per cron run in seconds.
  return $queues;

function module_name_load_queue($item) {
  $queue = DrupalQueue::get('my_queue_name');

My ultimate goal is to pre-process data using a few bash scripts and then pass the end result to module_name_load_queue($item); using Drush.

Is this possible? If so, how do I go about this?

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Yes We can use drush queue run to initiate a queue

Example :

SLEEP=${2} #Make the sleep time as configurable
while true
   drush5 --uri=${1} queue-run <Your QUEUE NAME> #${1} Domain URI
   sleep ${SLEEP}
  • I'm looking to load (fill) a queue using drush rather than start a queue. Thank you though as this will be useful in the next step.
    – Citricguy
    Mar 10, 2014 at 23:13

The most common practice is to create a custom cron job that populates the queue. Failing that you could use drush ev "my_callback()" to accomplish this.

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