I am needing some additional power for my Features. I have several modules that have their own settings (like css injector... yeah, I know) which do not appear in teh list of items that can be saved within a feature. I have been told that Strongarm offers a good way to include additional configuration within a feature (above and beyond what Features can normally store.) I have also heard talk of another module that is (commonly?) used with Features which improves its ability to store and transfer configurations. I can not remember the name of this other module. Could someone point me in the right direction?

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Many modules store their settings in variables, that's what Strongarm is good for : it can help you export those variables with features.

My usual way of finding out which variable to export (and exporting it) :

  • see the source HTML of the form where you set the values
  • in the "name" attribute you will most often find the name of the variable
  • use drush vget *that_variable* to check if it exists
    • drush vget is useful because it searches all variables that have a name similar to the string you provide, so sometimes you can do some testing to see other variables that could be useful
  • if you confirm the name of the variable, put it into the feature's info file
    • features[variable][] = that_variable
  • run drush fu your_feature
    • this will export the variable's value

The other module you heard off might have been Features Extra. Me personally i don't find it that useful anymore.

There is a free video on drupalize.me about features. And an article on d.o.

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