I'd like to create a menu item that generates a dropdown menu with unread messages. I've already used Nice Menus for flyout menus, but I don't think that module supports what I'm looking for: the dropdown should be a view block and should appear when the user hoovers the 'block' in the menu bar.

Is there a module that makes this possible?


Try out for following modules

Menu Views

Allows menu items to render views instead of links. This is useful for creating "mega-menus".

Menu Attach Block

Menu Attach Block allows you to attach blocks to standard core Drupal menu items. This is especially useful for creating complex dropdown menus and mega menus.

Any block can be used, including blocks generated by other modules. Blocks generated by Views are particularly good candidates for embedding.

  • I doubt only Nice Menu will suffice your need. Might be Menu Views with Nice menu can be a good combo for you. – arpitr Jun 16 '14 at 20:11

I recently had to put blocks, views block, lists and videos into a menu, and used tb_megamenu. It was great. And there's a clear tutorial on all its features on youtube, and quick guide here.

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