I'm trying to ask the same question in another way... hoping I can get an answer.

I have a function I need to trigger AFTER the product is added to the cart.

When I added a PHP function to a Pricing Rule it seems to execute -before- the product is added.

The Commerce website says that the a Pricing Rule may be triggered before or after the line item is added but I can't figure out how to do this.

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You've got a rules event that fires when a product is added to the cart, which is called after the price calculation one, check commerce_cart_product_add function.

It uses rules_invoke_all, which means that you can either run actions on this event or invoke the hook directly, hook_commerce_cart_product_add normally.

// Invoke the product add event with the newly saved or updated line item.
rules_invoke_all('commerce_cart_product_add', $order, $product, $quantity, $line_item);

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