I want to stop the registration form from sending "email activated" email to users, is there a way to stop them?

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    Sorry about that, there is a check box in the account settings -> mail section -> account activation that says "notify users" just un tick that and we are good to go. – saadlulu Sep 25 '11 at 12:04

Google is your friend, a search for "drupal 7 user registration email settings" produced:

configure user registration, user email, and user picture settings on the Account settings page:

Administer > Configuration > People > Account settings) in Drupal 7, and (Administer > Settings > User) in previous versions.

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There is a checkbox in the Account settings ->Mail section -> Account activation that says "Notify users" just untick that and we are good to go.

To stop all e-mails, see: How can I stop Drupal from sending e-mails of any kind?

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