Creating a form having two file type element, i want to check that if user uploaded file any file, then user must upload both file, so is there any way to add a validate function in system_settings_form.

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    As a side note, you may want to read through this, drupal.org/node/635046. The last time I tried to use two files on a setting form, I ran into this bug,
    – mpdonadio
    Jun 28, 2014 at 22:38

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The system_settings_form should be used to set simple variables for your module, see the approved answer and related comment here:

Is "system_settings_form" voodoo?

If you want to be sure both form fields are filled out during submission you don't need a validate function -- you can set both fields as being required when you create your form array:

$form['SOMETHING']['#required'] = TRUE;

where something is your form field key.

If you have complex logic and your form isn't simply setting a configuration variable you will call with variable_get or variable_set later -- then implement a custom form_validate and form_submit function for your form as your form is not simply a variable settings form.

See the Form API Handbook. Also of use is this drupal $form lifecycle or workflow illustration. Lastly form validation helpers and submit handlers are touched on briefly on this page of the handbook.


Just to complete my answer, hook_form_alter can change many aspects of a form used by drupal.


You can add a custom validator on the form you use to build return system_settings_form($form); for an example see the Commerce Admin include file here: http://cgit.drupalcode.org/commerce/tree/includes/commerce_ui.admin.inc

They set:

$form['#validate'][] = 'commerce_currency_settings_form_validate';

in their form builder function then they provide a validation function:

 * Form validate handler for the currency settings form.
function commerce_currency_settings_form_validate($form, &$form_state) {
  // Ensure the default currency is always enabled.
  $default = $form_state['values']['commerce_default_currency'];
  $form_state['values']['commerce_enabled_currencies'][$default] = $default;
  • Thanks for your answer,I can't make that element a required field because form also having other element but i can do it with form alter or i just check my condition in submit handler, i Just wanna know that there is no such term (validate) in system_settings_form
    – Akash Jain
    Jul 8, 2014 at 6:30
  • please see my second Edit which I hope answers your question.
    – tenken
    Jul 8, 2014 at 15:44

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