I have following modules installed

  1. FBOauth

  2. Facebook Rules

I have installed its dependencies like Rules and Oauth library.

The settings implemented on the facebook app


TEST This app is public and available to all users App ID : 22321917809249
App Secret : ●●●●●●●●Show

In the below all the blurred value has been appropriately added. enter image description here

Also in the status and review I have made following changes as shown in the image enter image description here

In the facebook rules I have created a rule with following

Events User logged in using Facebook connect.
User registered using Facebook connect, requires admin approval.
User registered using Facebook connect.


Post an update on user's facebook wall. Parameter: Message: Hello Facebook world!, Link to post: m2w.redcom.in

The api and secret key has been added on the facebook configuration settings page and I am able to retrieve the facebook details of the user on the user details on the websites. How can I post to the user's facebook wall using the above rules configuration? enter image description here

All while facebook is logged in and i try to use the fconnect feature, I get a message dialog box which has following text "This does not let app post to the facebook" How can I allow my app to post to the facebook. ??

Drupal Issue posted : https://www.drupal.org/node/2299375

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    your facebook configuration is not complete, on your second image, click on "start submission" and select items like "publish_actions" and submit it for review . the process is very annoying, hope this help :)
    – shrish
    Jul 8, 2014 at 9:12

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The problem lies with proper permission. You need to have permission "publish_actions" to post on someone's behalf. If you do need more permissions then follow the below link to get all the permissions provided via Facebook Graph API.


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