Im inserting into user field reference to other users. This is my code, but it is overiding all values of field, i just want too add value and keep values added before.

global $user;

$user->field_profile_access['und'][]['target_id'] = 34;


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I think this line is wrong:

$user->field_profile_access['und'][]['target_id'] = 34;

You could try with:

$user->field_profile_access['und'][] = array('target_id' => 34);

or this:

$next = count($user->field_profile_access[LANGUAGE_NONE]);
$user->field_profile_access[LANGUAGE_NONE][$next]['target_id'] = 34;

I used LANGUAGE_NONE instead of 'und' here, but that's not the problem.

Or even better, using the Entity API. That example is for a field collection, but the idea should be useful for any entity, including nodes.


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