Price Field Type from the Commerce module package is not exportable for Feeds. So as a work-around, I saved my prices ('min price', 'hot price' and "deposit price') into normal Float fields and just move the values to the Price Field Types on-the-fly. And so here it is (set using Rules: After an item is saved of content type 'Property'):

$node->field_price_amount['und'][0]['value'] = [node:field-current-price-temp];
$node->field_hot_price_amount['und'][0]['value'] = [node-field-hot-price-temp];


and then applying the node_save($node) with $node->is_new set to FALSE.

All the other values are saving properly except for the field type defined by the Commerce module. No actual data saved to tables at all.

"$node->field_price" should be the right machine name I have defined for this field. But for some reason importing leads to error field_price_amount cannot be NULL. This is also weird. So I changed it to field_price_amount so it won't complain but still not saving despite no more errors in importing. (The db table is still named field_data_field_price but for some reason it is complaining as 'field_price_amount should not be null ).

Anyone have ideas?

  • Seems like there is a column amount not value for a price field $node->field_price_amount['und'][0]['amount'] = [node:field-current-price-temp]; – Pontus Nilsson Aug 12 '14 at 6:40

Commerce price fields have a different data structure from standard fields.

i.e not:

$product->commerce_price[LANGUAGE_NONE][0]['value'] = 500;

but instead

$product->commerce_price[LANGUAGE_NONE][0]['amount'] = 500;
$product->commerce_price[LANGUAGE_NONE][0]['currency_code'] = 'USD';

or just:

$product->commerce_price[LANGUAGE_NONE][0] = array('amount' => 500, 'currency_code' => 'USD');

They also have a 'data' property for additional price component information.

More info: commerce_price_field_data_property_info

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