I'm trying to create a content type that serves as a "Contest". Each contest needs the ability to upload an image by the user. Basically, I'm looking for the best way to attach a form field (file upload) to each Contest and be able to monitor all submissions, and by a user basis, for each individual contest, separately.

I've looked into Webform and Entityforms, but kind of running into road blocks. Does anyone have any suggestions?


You can achieve that by the Webform module. or

Try the Simple Contest module

Simple Contest module provides contest system for Drupal websites.


  • contests are nodes. multiple contests of multiple contest type can be run same time
  • Two winner types : Users & Node, that means winners can be "user" or node"
  • multiple winners can be chosen by ranking/weight
  • Supports both automatic and manual winners selection
  • Winner chosen rule will be based on View. so it is up to you to decide how the winner will be selected
  • Modules integration with Views, Token, Rules, Userpoints, Date Repeat, Commerce Coupon, UC Gift Certificate & UC Coupon
  • Token integration and customized E-mail notifications

Please note the this module is in dev version. So try that in local (test) environment.

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