In my custom module, I'm defining a menu_item with the type MENU_NORMAL_ITEM. In the default bartik theme, this adds a new navigation tab (next to the Home tab). This is great; however, I need nested tabs as well! Something like the following:

<li>Home (default tab on Bartik)</li>
<li>Menu Navigation Item added via custom module</li>
        <li>Nested Friend</li>

With a structure similar to this, my frontend guys can theme around this and make a dropdown out of it. I've tried this:

$items['custom tab'] = array...
$items['custom tab/sub-item'] = array...

But there's no luck, and it's not even rendered when I clear my caches and do na inspect element, so I know it's not hidden or anything. I think I'm attempting to define a parent/child relationship purely through PHP. Any tips?

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You need to change the type for submenu.

 $items['custom tab'] = array(
    'type' => MENU_NORMAL_ITEM,,
 $items['custom tab/sub-item'] = array(

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