I'm trying to implement the Google CSE Search Results code on a page that I created called search-results. When I implement the code using CKEditor (PHP mode) and save the page, the code does not show up when the page is rendered?

I was able to enter the Search box code no problem but I cannot seem to get the search results code to load on a page? I created a static html page and it works fine but will not work when I create the page in CKEditor. I also tried creating a block but this did not work?

How can I get the Google CSE Search results code snippet in a Drupal page? I'm not interested in using any of the Drupal modules for CSE as I don't like the way they render the results.


You should be using Google Custom Search Engine Module instead of embedding the code. Using this module would give you better integration option.

Additional Info: Avoid using PHP Filter as its creates security risk.

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  • I tried the Google Custom Search Engine Module but it does not create a results page the same way as the raw Google code. I wanted the WEB and IMAGE results tabs. – John Oct 14 '14 at 17:37
  • So, why won't the Search results code get loaded on the page when I have no issues loading the search box code? – John Oct 14 '14 at 17:39

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