I have a working site which has PathAuto with SubPath setting properly configured. When I try to access the site from localhost in XAMPP, it gives 404 not found at several pages where the clean URL has extra parameters.

For example, this goes perfect: subdomain.example.com/url-friendly/extra-parameters

This, in local PC: www.example2.com/url-friendly/ goes right This, in local PC. fails www.example2.com/url-friendly/extra-parameters

Is there some known issue with XAMPP and Drupal url alias?

  • "with SubPath setting properly configured" - how do you know? Do you have Linux-based instance of your site somewhere?
    – Mołot
    Jan 16, 2015 at 12:52

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I have discovered the problem and the solution. When you change domain, or you add a domain to the list in Domain Access, you later have to switch off SubPath, save, and later turn on SubPath again. In that way, it refresh "something", and everything works perfectly.

So if you have free parameters passed on the clean friendly URLs, you need to make those steps in order to assure that the site will work with the changed or added domains.

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