I'm using the Image Title module with Drupal 7. I can successfully upload an image to be used as a title, however the images keep getting deleted. It looks like the problem is similar to this question on SO.

Oddly, I've been using image_title for several years but never encountered this problem until now. And the module is basically abandoned, so there are no recent changes to it that would have changed the behavior - so has there been some change in Drupal itself that could explain this?

As a workaround I went into mysql and did update file_managed set status = 1 for the image file in question, is that likely to solve it?


To be honest I would forget about using that module and simply have a field that contains the desired image, and change your node template file to display that image in place of the title.

It is important to have a text title (even if it is not displayed) because it is used in search engine listings.

  • Yeah, that's probably what I should do. Mar 4 '15 at 13:36

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