I am using drupal 7 with custom omega theme. I am developing a site for myself for a year now. I could find a solution to everything until now. Hopefully the answer is easy and simple I just don't see the wood from the tree.

How can I remove or hide the 'Do something on load' message, but keeping those messages what I want to appear?

Thank you for your time to read, and I'm hoping in a quick and good response

Thank you everyone who looked at it. It seems I have found the answer. Yes it really is connected to the Entity Reference field. There is a sub-module called " Entity Reference Behavior Example". All I needed to do is to disable this sub module. I have fallen into that mistake to switch it on without knowing exactly what it is doing. Simply switch it OFF.


I haven't seen that message myself yet, but just came across a suggestion how to avoid that message. I suppose you're using the entityreference module? At least for what I know the message seems to come from there – so hopefully this hint helps you:

To avoid some status messages like 'Do something on load', you should uncheck "Test behavior" in "Additional behaviors" section.

As far as I know the author is relating to the entityreference settings – here's the source: "how to render a node field of a referenced node on the node form". I hope it helps somehow.

  • Thank you for your answer. I have seen this suggestion already, however I couldn't find that additional behaviors section yet. I will do a closer look at that module, hopefully will be there. Mar 8 '15 at 12:18

You should simply disable the "Entity Reference Behavior Example" module.

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