I am trying to convert html to Drupal 7 theme.

function theme_menu_tree($variables){ return '<ul class="my-class-1">' . $variables['tree'] . '</ul>'; }

simply returns the entire menu how to make it like following <ul class="my-class-1"> <li class="dropdown">Item <ul class="my-class-2"> <li>Link1</li> <li>Link2</li> </ul> </li> </ul>


Use theme_item_list function for it, see the below code

$title = 'Title';
$type = 'ol';
$items = array(
$items[] = array(
  'data' => 'something',
  'class' => array('dummy'=>'category'),
  'children' => array('1.1','1.2',array('data'=>'1.3','class' => array('dummy'=>'category'),'children'=>array('1.3.1','1.3.2')))
$attributes = array('class' => array('test-class', 'demo-class'));

print theme_item_list(array(
  'items' => $items,
  'title' => $title,
  'type' => $type,
  'attributes' => $attributes

This will give you following HTML output:

<div class="item-list"><h3>Title</h3>
  <ol class="test-class demo-class">
    <li class="first">one</li>
    <li class="category last">something
      <div class="item-list">
        <ol class="category">
          <li class="first">1.1</li>
          <li class="category last">1.3
            <div class="item-list">
              <ol class="category">
                <li class="first">1.3.1</li>
                <li class="last">1.3.2</li>
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