I'm creating a sub-theme based off Bootstrap. I've followed the instructions here and is working ok.

Now I want to override the tpl files in theme/block, theme/system, etc.

In my sub-theme I've created the folder structure mimicking the one on Bootstrap (at least for the ones I want to override), yet it seems my files are not being used.

How can I override the aforementioned files (preferably) using the same structure?

Thanks for your help

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You should put those files in yourtheme/templates/ (no sub-folder) and a quick cache clear after that.

See bootstrap_subtheme/templates/README.txt:

This folder is where you should place all your overriding template files. By default, the Bootstrap base theme provides all the necessary template files in various folders inside of sites//themes/bootstrap/theme. For example, the page.tpl.php template file is located at sites//themes/bootstrap/theme/system/page.tpl.php. To override any of these files, copy them from the Bootstrap base theme and place them in here.

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