I have various users on a Drupal site.

Internally, I differentiate between users by user role (e.g. 'member', 'non-member').

Is it possible that if a user has a certain user role, that I prevent them from having a user page that is visible to the public?

E.g., if user 10018 has user role 'non-member', how can I prevent user page (site.com/user/10018/) from being visible to the public and users of role 'member'?

Basically, I don't want to delete 'non-member' users unless it's absolutely necessary - but I don't want them to have user pages that are visible to anyone other than site admins.

Thank you!

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I suppose you could use the Rules module to create a redirect (possibly to 404) when someone tries to view the user page of a user with a specified role.


I would work with hook_node_access.

Something like, if user we are viewing does not have role Member or user looking isn't admin, prevent access.


You could use hook_page_build(&$page)

  1. get user id from url
  2. load user object using user_load()
  3. check the user role
  4. change the page content as you need

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