I'm working on a site where a current content type has six image fields, six title fields & six content fields. One field from each (one image, one title & one content) all make up one group, so in total there are six groups of these.

Is it possible to move these into a field collection? I just think it'd be tidier, make more sense & make it easier to maintain.

Also if this is possible, not only how do I do it but is it even wise to move content from a 'normal' field to a field collection like this?

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You can do it with 3 step

  1. In your content type, creat new field collection
  2. Write one module, use function hook_node_presave(). In this function, you can copy data from old fields to new field collections.
  3. Go to page admin/content. Select your content type. Select all node. In tab UPDATE OPTIONS chose Publish selected content and submit. This action to do run code your module write in step 2.

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