I have a content type called user registration under this one cck field called regid. i would like to fetch the entered values of this particular field through programmatically probably by using dbquery() functions and print it. Anyone guide me how to achieve it.


Here is a little example, how to make requests in Drupal 6. You may change table name and field name and it should work for you.

$query = db_query('SELECT n.nid, regid.regid_FIELD_VALUE
   FROM {node} AS n
   JOIN {regid_FEILD_TABLE_NAME} AS regid ON regid.vid = n.vid 
   WHERE n.type = %s AND n.status = %d, $your_node_type, 1);

$result = array();
while($node_data = db_fetch_object($query)) {
  $result[] = array(
    'nid' => $node_data->nid,
    'regid' => $node_data->regid_FIELD_VALUE,

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